DJ kwoad DJ KWOAD is a Dutch DJ with German roots. He started his DJ career at the age of 13 as School DJ at his secondary school. After that, his music genre moved more and more to the Gothic scene. In this scene he was radio DJ for Radio 42.5 and Antronic Radio. Also he interviewed a lot of bands for these 2 radio stations and for Noizemagazine.
He is, besides organizer and DJ of the Raven Party, also co-organizer and DJ of Antronic Party and DJ at Access Industrial Party. In the past he was organizer and DJ of 404.php (Gothic party in Amsterdam, The Netherlands) and he played at various other parties like Cyberia, Storm, Sektor-B and Machinery.
His main music genres are Industrial, EBM, Dark Electro, Futurepop and Synthpop. DJ KWOAD's sub genres are Industrial-Hardcore, Powernoise, Rhythmic Noise, Darkcore and Darkwave.
More information about DJ KWOAD can be found at his official website and on Facebook.

  DJ MissYani

Miss Yani Miss Yani is a female (duh) DJ active in the Dark Underground scene. She played at different Dutch venues and festivals, including the yearly Dark Underground festival Summer Darkness.
More information can be found on her Facebook Page.

  DJ B.U.R.B.

DJ burb Barbara aka DJ B.U.R.B. is also some years active in the alternative scene. She is just like DJ sL!m the resident DJ of the alternative eighties party Back To Populair (De Nul/Hengelo) and in the past at Sanitarium Gothic Party (Walhalla/Deventer).
She is also know as Solea, the singer of the band Recall Twentyseven.
More information can be found at Soleo RecallTwentyseven Facebook page.


louk Louk is no DJ, but he is a musician and mainman of Recall Twentyseven. At Raven you can't hear him, but he is still very visible. In addition to the music, we pay a lot of attention to the atmosphere and decoration, and here comes especially Louk's accountability in front. In addition, he is, with his never decreasing critical about the looks and the sound, an important support for our team.

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April 17th 2015

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