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Gothic is a music genre that originated during the late 70's (not to be confused with gothic metal). The genre was defined as a movement independent of punk during the early 80s. Some gothic bands were more artistic and introspective than punk. Gothic was about dark themes and intellectual movements such as gothic horror, romance, existentialism and nihilism.

In the early 90s the genre disappeared almost completely into the background. Only in Germany it remained popular. In the Netherlands, only in Amsterdam were the bigger parties. On these parties were alternative music combined with old and new New Wave, EBM and Gothic from Germany.

The second wave came in the second half of the 90s slowly populair. An interesting phenomenon in this is that many currents, which in the 80s outside the Gothic were there during the 90s more and more associated with it were. Genres like EBM, Industrial, Darkwave and Neofolk became part of the motley collection of styles that can conveniently together under the term "Gothic". This second wave is more of a new wave flow than a genuine revival of the Gothic although initial flow is still part of the package. Actually, during the 90s the label "New Wave" was swapped for "Gothic".

Although the gothic culture over the past decade has seen a resurgence in the form of gothic metal and cyber gothic, feasts which are the authentic EBM, Electro, Industrial and Darkwave rotated become increasingly scarce. Only a small number of smaller parties, including Morticia in Hengelo, bogged down in more techno-oriented parties and remain true to the rich history of this dark music genres.

But Gothic is not dead yet, the Raven Party is like a phoenix from the ashes. In this new party, organized by a bunch of fanatical fans, will Willemeen in Arnhem again pay attention to the original musical values of the Gothic scene. Four enthusiastic DJs have joined forces to give you the best adrenaline-pumping EBM and industrial and most atmospheric and dark Dark Wave to present where your shoes will worn.
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