Raven Party #5 | November 7th 2014

In collaboration with Emperium Vernesque

Emperium Vernesque, is a Dutch Steampunk Event which also take place in Arnhem, the Netherlands.
This year, Raven is the official pre party of this yearly event. When you already have a ticket of Emporium Vernesque: take it with you and get an € 2,- discount at the entrance of Raven!
It's also possible to buy an Emporium Vernesque Ticket at Raven (and get the € 2,- discount) or you can buy an Emporium Vernesque ticket on Saturday. When you show your Raven Ticket you also get the discount.

Attention: Raven will again take place in Willemeen!
See also the Raven Event at Facebook.

Flyer of Raven 5